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Line array modelling

Ever since i designed an automated platform (for DAS Audio) for directivity measurements and processing in 1992, i have been involved in custom array modelling. I have written numerous algorithms to perform all sorts of calculations. As a freelance consultant, i have carried on the development of algorithms and processes.

Also, i have given almost one hundred product presentations and seminars around the world and written technical articles for magazines such as Live Sound International and S&VC

Our electro-acoustic consulting services to loudspeaker manufacturers are as follows:

  • Directivity measurements and modelling files

    We use a large format (200 m³) fully anechoic chamber for a range of loudspeaker measurements. A high precision turntable or robot rotates the loudspeaker for directivity measurements (polars). We can generate modelling files in formats such as SPK ("classic" EASE format), GSS ("modern" EASE source format), Ulysses or TAB (for generating universal CLF files for modelling on software such as CATT, LARA, Odeon, Pachyderm or Ramsete). For GLL, read on.

    In most cases we'll work with your standard speaker without the need for any special preparation.

    Other than directivity measurements we can perform other types of measurements such as distortion, impedance, impulse response as well as put together custom graphics. We can also use the directivity data to develop dispersion-aware optimization EQ settings.

  • Array "plugins" for modelling software

    We can develop ready-to-use array GLL files for EASE Focus (generic line array aiming software that is free for the user, with the manufacturer paying a license for each product) as well as EASE, EASE Address (direct sound modelling for ceiling speakers, also free for users), EASE Evac (similar to Address, but here it is the user that pays, and prediction includes total SPL and intelligibility) and FIRmaker (which can use the same GLL files as EaseFocus 2/3).

    Some kind of aiming software is an absolute must for line array systems; AFMG's EaseFocus is a universal software that is used in combination of manufacturer files that contain directivity balloons and information regarding the mechanics of the array such as centers of gravity, hinge points and available inter-module angles. Presets with different processing can also be incorporated. We can also guide you through the licensing process.

    EaseFocus screen capture. Click to enlarge


    Ease line array plugin. Click to enlarge


  • Loudspeaker design services
    We can help you design loudspeakers, including passive filters and horns.


  • Marketing
    I can help with defining a product line and generating powerful technical marketing materials. Specifically, due to my past experience, i can particularly help with reaching the Spanish speaking worldwide market.

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