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  • Sound system modelling software

    • AFMG -Ahnert Feistel Design Group (Germany), the makers of EASE electro-acoustical room modelling prediction and auralization software and others such us EASE Address, EASE Focus, EASE Evac and FIRmaker
    • CATT (Sweden), electro-acoustical room modelling prediction and auralization software
    • IFB (Germany), makers of the Ulysses electro-acoustical room modelling software
    • CLF - Common Loudspeaker Format
    • Integral Acoustics (Canada), makers of the LARA electro-acoustical room modelling software for direct sound (seem dead)

  • Manufacturing customers include
    Of our range of products and services, in alphabetical order

  • Sound reinforcement portals
    Leading sites for English and Spanish, respectively. They also host some of my work

    • Pro Sound Web, current incarnation of what once was the live-audio forum by Dave Stevens, who started the first live audio discussion forum on CompuServe in the early 90s together with Anthony McLean
    • Doctor ProAudio, includes calculators, a nifty links page, educational content and a translation dictionary for sound reinforcement. Some sections in English as well

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